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Treating dental abscesses, Dentist in Tooting, Emergency dentist Tooting

A dental abscess is a pus filled pocket that can form in or on the teeth or gums. It forms as the result of a bacterial infection.

Tooth abscesses can be very painful. Without treatment, the condition is likely to become worse and you may lose the affected tooth.The pus within the abscess contains dead white blood cells, tissue debris and bacteria and causes the surrounding bone and tissue which becomes inflamed. 

Generally, treatment involves draining the pus, either with root canal treatment, removing the affected tooth or gum treatment. If you think you may have a dental abscess, you should see your dentist in Tooting Medical Centre as soon as possible.Treatment involves removing the source of infection:

-extraction of the abscessed tooth

-root canal treatment (removal of the infected nerve)

If the infection persists despite root canal treatment, the dentist in Tooting Medical Centre may have to remove the tooth.

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