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Frenectomy. Dentist in Tooting, Emergency dentist Tooting

A frenulum is a tethering of the tissue between the lip and the upper teeth. Everyone has a muscle attachment (frenum) that connects their lips to their gums. 

Normally, they are all thin and highly elastic, allowing free movement of our lips and tongues. Occasionally a frenum might be exceptionally short, thick, or tight, or may extend too far down along the tongue or the gum.

A frenectomy is performed to remove soft tissue (frenum) which is restricting the movement of another organ.  This is a small procedure that can easily be performed under local anesthesia at Dentist in Tooting Medical Centre.

This type of frenectomy is often used to treat orthodontic patients to assist with closing a front tooth gap. Patients who have undergone frenectomy have experienced better quality of life.

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